The Contacts Module contains the Project Address Book which comprises a list of Companies and their users.

It is here that a user can update their personal information and set their user preferences such as how they are notified of events in RIB CX.

Who you can see listed in the Contacts Module is determined by the project configuration within RIB CX .

Companies are added to RIB CX within pre-defined Roles, i.e. Head Contractor, Client, Project Management Group or Subcontractors etc which are set by the Project Administrator. A company’s role is very important, as it defines functions available to them and their communication rights.

Users added to RIB CX i.e. Staff, Manager, Director, are subject to a hierarchy which determines their access to company documentation. Most users are set to "Staff" to allow sharing of Project information with members of their own company. However, the hierarchy may be useful in supporting project workflows.

New companies are added to the Project by the Contacts Administrator. New users may be added by the Contacts or Company Administrator.

Within RIB CX a Company will be registered with a short ID to identify it, i.e. Primary Building Services could be registered as PBS.

Staff belonging to Companies will be registered on RIB CX using their company ID and their initials, separated with a hyphen. Therefore, John Arnold of Primary Building Services would be registered on RIB CX as PBS-JA. This forms their UserID and is used by the staff member to log into RIB CX.

If more than one person exists within the same company with the same initials, the system automatically assigns them a number at the end of their name. I.e. Jerome Axham, who also works for Primary Building Services, would be registered as PBS-JA1.

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